Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stagecrush - The Home For Your Online Music Collection

Stagecrush is like Pinterest for music! It’s the home for your online music collection; a place where you can easily store, share, and listen to the songs and music videos that you find across the web. Link up with friends to see their collections, discover new music, and talk about the music you love. In the world of Spotify, YouTube, and Google Play Music All Access; where music isn't owned, but just accessed - how do you build strong relationships to music?

Everybody remembers the first record they bought, but how many people remember the first song they streamed on Spotify or the first song they heard on Pandora? The ownership model for music has changed. This certainly has its upsides. We can now access any record at any time, but something has been lost in the process. The relationships we build with our music collections have been lost. And the connections we made by flipping through somebody's crate of records, or book of CDs, have also been lost.

Stagecrush tries to recapture that magic by providing its users with a platform to collect music in a socially connected way. Check out all the features to learn more.

Compared to other music sites, Stagecrush is very visual. The site was designed to integrate the strong visual elements of music, such as album art, music videos, and performance footage, so that users can connect with music in a more complete way.

Sign up for Stagecrush today and join them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It was co-founded by Brandon J. Murray, Justin Reinking, and Josh Hiraheta.

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