Thursday, August 15, 2013

Croking - Share Experiences, Become Influential and Inspire Brands [Invites]

Groking Logo
Croking is a social community for people to share their experiences, opinions, and ideas about brands. It is fast and easy to croke.

Other users are able to comment on your submissions, agree or disagree with a single click, as well as share it to other networks. Your user/influence score increases when people agree with your contribution. As a user becomes more valuable to the community their visibility as a thought leader increases causing them to have a greater influence on the brand.

Businesses can join and respond to users which contributes to their brand score. Brands have access to analytics and a centralized view of consumer opinions with the most important and influential feedback brought forward.

Use this invite code to sign up today! (You can even croke about Startup Sea.)

Follow Croking on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and AngelList. Also, check out their promo video!

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